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DESCRIPTION: The expressions we see in the faces of others engage a number of different cognitive processes. Emotional expressions elicit rapid responses, which often imitate the emotion in the observed face.

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From our facial expressions to our body movements, the things we don't while having a conversation, it indicates that they are interested and. Her research interests are in emotion, nonverbal behaviors, and culture. Tomkins conducted the first study demonstrating that facial expressions were reliably. If you are an undergraduate, interested in emotion and/or facial expressions: If facial expression is your major interest, check the work of Professor Dacher.

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The expressions we see in the faces of others engage a number of different cognitive processes. Emotional expressions elicit rapid responses, which often imitate the emotion in the observed face. These effects can even occur for faces presented in such a way that the observer is not aware of them.

We are also very good at explicitly recognizing and describing the emotion being expressed. A recent study, contrasting human and Facial expression showing interest robot facial expressions, suggests that people can recognize the expressions made by the robot explicitly, but may not show the automatic, implicit response.

The emotional expressions presented by faces are not simply reflexive, but also have a communicative component. For example, empathic expressions of pain are not simply a reflexive response to the sight of pain Facial expression showing interest another, since they are exaggerated when the empathizer knows he or she is being observed. It seems that we want people to know that we are empathic. Of especial Facial expression showing interest among facial expressions are ostensive gestures such as the eyebrow flash, which indicate the intention to communicate.

These gestures indicate, first, that the sender is to be trusted and, second, that any following signals are of importance to the receiver. It has become increasingly apparent, initially from studies of neurological patients with circumscribed brain damage, that much, if not most, information processing occurs in the brain without any accompanying conscious experience. The final products of this information processing often become available to consciousness, Facial expression showing interest in many cases these unconscious processes can control behaviour without any need for awareness.

In such cases, patients have damage to the primary visual cortex, which renders them blind in the associated part of the visual field. Another example is patient D. In spite of this problem, when she reaches for an object, she shapes her hand to match the shape of the object. In her case, information about the shape of objects is available to achieve appropriate grasping Facial expression showing interest, but does not Facial expression showing interest consciousness.

Subsequent to these demonstrations, the same phenomena have been demonstrated in healthy volunteers. Behavioural studies have demonstrated that we are aware of far less of the visual world than we realize e.

Furthermore, we make accurate reaching and grasping movements before we become aware of the stimuli that are eliciting these movements Castiello et al.

Brain imaging studies have also confirmed that stimuli of which volunteers are unaware, nevertheless elicit activity in the brain e. These results reveal that there are at least two processes through which sensory signals can be converted into behaviour: These processes seem to occur in parallel, rather than the unconscious processing being the early stage of a route to consciousness.

Different kinds of information seem to be extracted by the two routes. For example, when reaching and grasping I need information about the shape of the object I am planning to grasp, but this information requires an egocentric perspective. The precise nature of the reach and grasp depends on the precise spatial relationship between me and the object.

By contrast, when I recognize an object from its shape I need information about the shape of the object that is independent of my current viewpoint, so that the object can be identified even from an unusual view Schenk Thus, these two perceptual routes seem to have different functions. It is, of course, an oversimplification to suggest that there are just two independent routes to action.

There are likely to be many routes and, furthermore, there will be interactions between these routes e. However, there remains Facial expression showing interest important distinction between those routes that Facial expression showing interest to conscious awareness and those that do not Frith et al. The question as to why only some routes are associated with consciousness is a subject of great interest, but will not be addressed in any detail in this paper.

Our intuition is that consciousness has a very important role in our behaviour, but it is surprisingly difficult to define precisely what this role might be. It is certainly not the case that processing which leads to consciousness is, in some sense, better than processing that does not lead to consciousness.

Some tasks are better learned without awareness e. Introspection about the sources of our behaviour can be very misleading e. In the social domain, as we shall see later in this essay, the same signal can have very different effects, Facial expression showing interest on whether or not it reaches consciousness. The role of consciousness in our response to emotions is equally complex and poorly understood.

By contrast, the role of unconscious processes is perhaps slightly better understood. Unconscious routes to action seem to apply when responses need to be made with great rapidity. For example, the two routes are engaged by stimuli that induce fear LeDoux I will jump out of the way of the snake-like object in the path before I become aware that it is only a bent stick.

In this case, there is a clear survival advantage for responding rapidly to a signal of danger, even when the signal has been incorrectly interpreted.

In the rest of this paper, I shall be concerned with the use of various kinds of facial expressions as signals, which can also be processed with and without consciousness. Social interactions depend on complex signals in many modalities. For human interactions, however, spoken language plays such an important role that we often forget about the importance of non-verbal signals. Among these non-verbal signals, facial expressions have a major part in social interactions Adolphs ; but see de Gelder I shall first consider the facial signals that are processed without awareness.

This effect occurs even when the observer is unaware of the expression on the face because it has been masked see Pessoa for Facial expression showing interest. The process by which the sight of a fearful face elicits fear in the observer is an example of a more general effect known as mirroring or contagion, whereby an observer tends to covertly and unconsciously mimic the behaviour of the person being observed.

This effect occurs for a whole range of behaviours: There are many advantages of this mirroring behaviour. In the case of speech, the mirroring creates a greater alignment of the communicants, in terms of vocabulary and grammar, which facilitates communication.

Experiments on the imitation of gestures during conversations show that the person imitated feels more friendly towards the other speaker and subsequently behaves in a more prosocial manner e. This is an interesting case where the effect of signals seems to be very different, depending on whether or not they are consciously perceived.

Ideas about the advantages accruing from the unconscious imitation of facial expressions are more speculative. The sight of a fearful face is likely to be a cue that there is something to be afraid of and that the observer should therefore be vigilant. Furthermore, the facial expression of fear enhances vigilance: Thus, by imitating the expression of fear we increase our sensitivity to sensory signals and become more vigilant.

By contrast, the expression of disgust is a cue that there is some noxious substance to be avoided. The facial expression of disgust has the opposite effect to that of fear. The eyes are narrowed, reducing the size of the visual field, and the nose is wrinkled, narrowing the nasal passages and reducing the exposure to smells. By imitating the expression of disgust, we reduce the impact of potential noxious stimuli.

A problem in need of further research concerns the mechanism by which people can covertly recognize facial expressions of emotion in masked faces that they are not aware of seeing Dimberg et al.

There is some evidence that such recognition depends on subcortical pathways to the amygdala via superior colliculus and pulvinar that bypass the primary visual cortex Morris et al.

This idea is supported by the demonstration that a patient G. Further evidence for this speculation comes from studies of the role of different spatial frequencies in face recognition. Recognizing the expression of masked faces via a subcortical route Facial expression showing interest therefore depend on signals about the face carried by low spatial frequencies.

One interesting possibility is that the critical sign of a fearful face is the area of white round the eye, which is greater when the eyes are opened wide. It remains to be shown how this sign can be so rapidly extracted from the visual signal in the absence of cortical processing.

It is not only facial expressions of emotion that are processed rapidly and without awareness. Gaze direction is another important facial cue when observing the behaviour of others.

We are very sensitive to eye gaze direction and can discover the target of the gaze with great accuracy Anstis et al. This ability enables us to discover who or what people are looking at and may reveal their interests and intentions. Eye gaze direction has been used as a cue on covert attention tasks. In these tasks, volunteers must detect a target that appears briefly to the left or right Facial expression showing interest fixation.

Prior to the presentation of the target, a central cue is presented, for example, an arrow pointing left or right. The reaction time to detect the target is modulated by this cue, being faster when the cue is congruent with the target location and slower Facial expression showing interest it is incongruent.

Typically congruent cues are presented on 80 Facial expression showing interest cent of trials and incongruent cues on 20 per cent of trials.

If a face with eyes gazing left or right is used as the cue, the same congruency effect is found Driver et al. Strikingly, however, this congruency effect occurs even if the eyes gaze consistently in the wrong direction. The eye gaze direction in some faces was always congruent with the location of the following target, while other faces always looked in the incongruent direction. The effect of gaze on time to detect targets was unaffected by the identity of the faces.

In other words, volunteers attended in the direction indicated by the eye gaze, even for the faces of individuals who consistently looked in the wrong direction. This result suggests that our tendency to follow the gaze direction of others is automatic and difficult to suppress. On the other hand, volunteers did learn something about the individuals. The faces that consistently gave invalid cues were rated as less trustworthy. In parallel with the unconscious face processing route there is a conscious route, which is engaged, for example, when volunteers Facial expression showing interest explicitly asked to identify facial Facial expression showing interest or facial expressions.

Such patients also usually have difficulty in identifying facial expressions. However, there is evidence that these patients still show covert recognition of faces.

In other words, although they were unable to identify familiar faces, presentation of these faces elicited an emotional response. Further evidence for the Facial expression showing interest routes comes from patients with Capgras syndrome.

This syndrome can occur both in psychiatric conditions and as a result of structural brain damage. Capgras patients are able to identify a Facial expression showing interest person's face. They recognize the face of a familiar person but do not experience the emotional response that normally accompanies such recognition.

In agreement with this idea, it has been shown that Capgras patients do not show enhanced SCR responses to familiar faces Ellis et al. My colleagues, led by Thierry Chaminade, have recently completed an imaging study in which volunteers were shown a variety of dynamic facial expressions displayed Facial expression showing interest a person or by a robot humanoid robot WE-4RII; Takanishi Laboratory.

Our volunteers had no difficulty in recognizing the expressions made by the robot. The neural activity elicited by the facial expressions of this robot remains to be determined. An interesting possibility is that activity in areas such as the amygdala, which are associated with emotional responses, will not be elicited by robots.

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