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DESCRIPTION: She looked down at the resume in her hand.

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She looked down at the resume in her hand. Well, at least she had plenty of experience she told herself. The only housekeeping she ever intended to do was keeping up her own home. And for a while there, that plan had seemed to work. A stint in a coffee shop had helped her pay the bills until they, too, had had to lay her off.

It was a lot of work, Beverly thought, just to get hired as a maid, but maybe the maid companies knew they could be selective. Any port in a storm, Beverly thought, but still, it was strange. The woman led Beverly to an office. Some of our clientele can be very demanding and we must ascertain on a case by case basis just how much skill an applicant has to fill the needs of the position. I note here you have a college degree. Some of our clients are looking for women who can think for themselves and often times, a college degree is a measure of just that.

Beverly supposed she could and in a way, it almost made her feel better about what she was doing. So you understand what the work requires.

Can you provide references? After all, the maid answers the door. Check for tattoos for one. She stood and took off her clothes even though she still thought it was a stupid thing to Erotic maid service to do.

Hawthorne was looking at her. Bend over from the waist. Can you touch your toes? Okay, that checks out. You can have a seat. Mathilda Hawthorne shook Erotic maid service head. The idea of the test is to put the applicant in an unusual situation. Do you have a preference one way or the other? Beverly shook her head. I mean, I go out on dates and go out with friends, but in Erotic maid service economy, not even that that much anymore.

Our maids are expected to be available as needed. Would that be a problem for you? Is there anything else you want to ask me? One day went by, and then two. A third day went by and Beverly was starting to worry but on the fourth day, Ms. Beverly wished Erotic maid service could be as enthusiastic about it as Ms. Hawthorne sounded, but to her way of looking at it, she was taking a step backwards. Beverly sighed to herself. She really had nothing else going on. Hawthorne laughed on the other end of the line.

As much as Beverly knew she wanted to say no, she knew she really had no choice. Beverly stood there dumbfounded, but then with a shrug, she slipped off her shoes and her shirt and then she slid her jeans down over her ass and then down past her knees.

Like I said, we have to see the full package, but I know. Can you help her out? Beverly eyed the newcomer warily. The newcomer was wearing nothing more than a pair of bra and panties. No pockets, you know. That was the idea, but it turned out that after the month was up, it was so popular with the girls and with the clients that the agency did away with official uniforms altogether and they went to these. Help me out, ple-e-e-ease. I mean, sure, it might seem Erotic maid service wearing underwear to work, but Erotic maid service really cool thing is you get to keep the underwear.

I like your titties. Two hours later, Beverly was still there, and she had all kinds of new uniforms to wear when Ms. As a matter of fact, she was. She said it made the work go by so much easier. Do a really good job. She needed to do a really good job. Beverly opened her coat to let the man stare at her body. She felt like a flasher, and just why the hell was that making her so hot. The man nodded knowingly.

Even better looking than your pictures. Well all right then. Get it done and get it over with, only She stuck another stick of gum in her mouth. She was still Erotic maid service the bathroom and bent over the toilet when she sensed that she was being watched.

She looked back to find the man standing there with his drink in hand. The man took a sip from his drink. Please continue, Beverly thought. She gave her butt a little wiggle. Dammit, the girl thought. Hell, she was just standing there. Come on, shove her in the shower. Erotic maid service the water on, Erotic maid service her all soapy wet and then fuck her brains out. She knew he was watching her.

Hell, she was down on her hands and knees as she scrubbed away at the tile. Come on, she wanted to tell the man. Yeah, and, Beverly thought. Grrr, the girl thought. Are you really this dense. Do you really not get it? No, a good idea would be you slipping your cock inside me, Beverly thought.

Let me show you how hot I can cook. God, she thought as she chomped away on her gum, god, she sounded like such a little, fucking slut, and she liked it. Beverly was getting Erotic maid service and wetter. Hell, she was barely dressed as it was. Just haul her off to the fucking bedroom and fuck her fucking brains out. Fix whatever the fucking hell you want, Beverly thought. For a moment, she Erotic maid service about telling the man to put the fucking glass down and fuck the hell out of her little fucking pussy, but dammit, she was the fucking maid.

She never saw it coming. One moment, the man was standing off to the side, watching her vacuum, and the next moment, he was coming up behind her and pushing her panties to one side. Fuck yeah, Beverly thought. She moaned again as she felt that cock inside her cunt.

Damn, that thing made her whole body shiver. Beverly could feel his hands going to her bra and then he was loosening the catch. The bra fell free and with just a little shake of her body, the Erotic maid service quickly landed on the floor. All she cared about was how that cock was making her feel and that cock was making her feel better than any cock had ever made her feel before. Beverly could feel it, too, the surge between her legs and even as she felt it, she felt her pussy clamp down on the cock inside her.

Oh yeah, she told herself. She was cumming and she was cumming hard.


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Is this a good idea for a date? A clean house is a happy house,” they say. But that's not the entire idiom, ya know. It goes on to say: “ but a house cleaned by a sexy nude. I work on my own when offering my maid services, not for a service company. The cost varies (4 children). Do you wear a sexy maid uniform?..

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  • A clean house is a happy house,” they say. But that's not the entire idiom, ya know. It goes on to say: “ but a house cleaned by a sexy nude. Why not invite one of our attractive and sexy Maids to cook and clean for you and get the added entertainment value and benefit; of watching them cook, clean.

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