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The Facial Features That Reveal Your Social Class - PsyBlog

It's hard to say really because English people are such a mix English people have a mixture of different facial features The East coast English. A smooth jawline is one of the attractive facial features for a woman. People with brown hair (including their eyelashes and eyebrows) turned out to be more. of 'The Oxford History of England - Roman Britain and the English Settlements' places referred to the distribution of different facial features and body types in UK I try to amateurishly observe what might be the chararcteristics of people in.

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Follow 61 Follow 62 Facial features of english people Original post by Fward I think being English, we dont really see stereotypical images of ourselves, but people from other countries may think there is a stereotypical look. Follow 63 I think we probably do have a stereotypical look, its just that because we Facial features of english people here we don't realise it.

I would personally say, feature-wise: Follow 64 Follow 65 I think it depends. I'm olive skinned, thick dark hair, short, curvy hips and booty hahagreenish-brown eyes, my teeth are all straight, have a long, broad nose.

One of my friends is milky skinned, tall, slim, short red hair, blue eyes, small nose, straight teeth. Then again no one ever thinks I'm actually English. People think I'm on the European side of the family. Follow 66 Follow 67 Follow 68 Bellissima Follow 6 followers 16 badges Send a private message to Bellissima. Follow 69 Original post by Profesh On my father's side: Follow 70 Follow 71 There are a handful of classic looks in the British Isles which do not necessarily fall within national boundaries.

For instance there is one element that is particularly Facial features of english people in Wales, Cornwall, the west coast of Ireland, the West Midlands and around Glasgow which consists of dark brown hair, olive skinned and dark eyed. They are usually small to medium in height but muscular and stocky. The facial features are chiseled with thick eyebrows. Not terribly common in England, but quite noticeable in Wales and Cornwall.

Then there is the Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman look. Tall, big-boned but usually lean, blonde to medium brown hair, with ginger blonde being the most common. Blue eyed, although sometimes blue-grey mixed. And the skin tone is almost universally pale to freckly. The facial features tend to be soft and boyish in men and youthful in women. This element is by far the largest group seen amongst the English but it can be found in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland too.

It has a tendency to be strongest on the Eastern seacoast and in the South East of England. The third element is sometimes referred to as the 'Irish type' though it is not just limited to Ireland. This type has dark brown hair, sometimes even jet black. It is often curly and thick and rarely shows any inclination toward balding in middle-aged men. The eyes are often a piercing blue with clear irises. The features are chiseled and angular. They are often medium to tall in height, and finely boned, almost gracile.

The skin colouring is usually fair, but not as pale and pinkish as the taller, larger boned, blonde Nordics, nor as dark and olive toned as the stockier brunette type either. It is also common in Wales, western Scotland, and Cornwall too, but it is also noticeable amongst many of the English from counties west of the Pennines.

People of this type are common in Lancashire, the Cotswolds, and the Facial features of english people south west of England, from Dorset and Wiltshire westward. And being the British Isles, home to the largest concentration of redheads in the world, the gingers do have a place, but they are not from a separate type. The majority are drawn from the blonde Nordic group, but the other two also have a certain degree of gingerism too, but nowhere near as common as amongst the Nordic group.

For instance, red hair was especially common amongst the Vikings and the Normans. In fact, the gene for red hair has been found to be especially strong in many of the old-line aristocratic families of Britain. Follow 72 Follow 73 Original post by -aimz Having lived in Wales for 2 years now and worked Facial features of english people rugby matches full of native Welsh people I can definitely account for this. It's very common - I see so many men who look like clones of each other!

Sometimes they remind Facial features of english people bit of the typical Italian look? Follow 74 Follow 75 Well as for Irish there are roughly two types, roughly being the operative word. One is slimmer with more defined features and fairer hair. The other type is stocky, hairy, with blunt features and dark hair. Both are usually short so that's something they have in common. Strangely im from a family of the latter but have features of the former.

Follow 76 I have them looks but also have freckles and I'm short due to my dad being irish. Follow 77 Typical Welshman - short, stocky, black hair, sort of tanned skin. Follow 78 Honestly, the British stereotypes in general annoy me, not just English. I'm English, honestly, I am most of the first stereotype. Most English people aren't as stuck up as people think, Facial features of english people our teeth aren't bad either.

Though I have seen some rather disturbing people in my country, who are English. We also aren't just arrogant or cocky because of our country, but because we just are. Like any other person we have different personalitys. It just seems t be common in popular parts of the UK. Apart from the fact everyone thinks we love tea, say bloody and love all the time and sound like we're all from London.

Follow 79 I have extremely pale skin very common in the UK. My cousin is a little less English than Facial features of english people but is part Japanese and had completely different features. Follow 80 The Irish side of my family look Italian, just google black Irish.

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  • To me most English people look like the French with a lighter complexion (further North), dark hair, not too tall, which is surprising considering that in the English. my cousins who live abroad all have this image that English people are clones of the . The facial features are chiseled with thick eyebrows.
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  • It's hard to say really because English people are such a mix English people have a mixture of different facial features The East coast English.
  • Different facial features and body types in UK and their origins- any studies? | Ancient Origins
  • A survey has quizzed 2, people to find the 40 most British characteristics - but how many of them do you do?


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Actions speak louder than words?! hes giving me mixed signals of 'The Oxford History of England - Roman Britain and the English Settlements' places referred to the distribution of different facial features and body types in UK I try to amateurishly observe what might be the chararcteristics of people in. Just by looking at your face, people can reliably tell whether you are rich or poor, a new study finds. And on that basis, they also make other..

The Facial Features That Reveal Your Social Class

Chubby lesbians fisting 966 Facial features of english people Welcome to the Ancient-Origins. In order to avoid spam messages, we require all users of the forum... Facial features of english people 232 Facial features of english people Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by callmemaybe. I would probably say Danes and... RAINBOWS FARMERSVILLE CA

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A survey has quizzed people to find the 40 most British characteristics - but how many of them do you do?. of 'The Oxford History of England - Roman Britain and the English Settlements' places referred to the distribution of different facial features and body types in UK I try to amateurishly observe what might be the chararcteristics of people in. as a whole to be compared with english/Irish people, also they have more robust/bigger boned builds and whole different facial features.

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