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Leonard Leakey Hofstadter , [1] Ph. Leonard is an experimental physicist , who shares an apartment with colleague and best...

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How to put this? Meanwhile, Sheldon warred with Penny over the comfy chair she grabbed off the street, and Amy discovered why said chair should never have been brought up in the first place. This entry may also classify as science, insofar as it involved Howard engineering an Internet-based human interface mechanism that would allow Leonard and Priya to kiss each other long distance. Really, though, how we should classify this device belongs is moot, since it provided Howard and Raj with their most hilariously and obliviously homoerotic moment yet, as they both tried out the device, on each other.

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Leonard is one of the original characters from season 1. Like most of the other characters on the show, Leonard is a genius and he graduated from Princeton University with a doctorate when he was Leonard and Penny have many ups and downs in their relationship but they eventually tie the knot in season 9. The actor has won a number of awards for his portrayal of Sheldon such as an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor. Galecki has made appearances in other films and shows, however, none have even come close to the success of TBBT.

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Did leonard and penny hookup in real life

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Johnny Galecki plays an experimental physicist named Leonard who, despite his geekiness, tends to date very attractive women- like his neighbor Penny.

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