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About ME: Hi! my name is Ann, 19 years old from Naperville: My favorite movie "The Beach Girls" and favorite book about sex "The Life and Loves of a She-Devil". Come on lets get it on. I think these things keep loneliness from me. You know you need it.

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DESCRIPTION: It is considered a well-known fact that men are much simpler than women and their desires are very limited. So much so, they are happy with food and sex! Well, you are completely wrong my friend!

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What Men Want in Bed: 13 Ways To Drive Him Crazy

Make Him Lift You Up, Because You've Had a Hard Day by moving outside the bedroom and doing it on top of a sturdy table, kitchen counter. But let's delve in a little deeper into what men really want in bed and wish You'll catch him off guard and make him feel like he's so sexy you. Every girl wants to drive her man wild in the bedroom. it'll also make him feel so good, he'll be completely disoriented and terrified of what is.


It is considered a well-known fact that men are much simpler than women and their desires are very limited. So much so, they are happy with food and sex!

Well, you are completely wrong my friend! Actually, men are the most underrated in terms of emotions. It is true that the sexual urges are more in men as compared to women, but it is not at all true that men do not want anything else.

When it comes to companionship, partnership and family orientation men are equally reliable as women. If you want What to do to him in bed know what men want in bed keep reading. It sounds pretty simple and straightforward, but unfortunately, it is wrong.

Men want a partner in bed. Someone they can trust and cherish the moments with. It is true that they like to be wild and horny in What to do to him in bed. It is also true that they consider being with sexy women rather than spending the night alone in bed. Still, it is not true that the intimate time with the partner can only be about sex. The life is not easy and works load breaks down every person.

The emotional need of a man is at its peak at the end of the day. Only sex cannot fulfill those needs What to do to him in bed desires. Start with a massage How to romance in bed with your boyfriend? It is both relaxing and sensual and loved by almost every man.

What to do to him in bed, it works both ways as well! When you are in bed with a man, it is not necessary to jump into the action immediately. Offer him a massage. Rest his head on your lap while sitting or on your stomach while standing.

A head massage or a full body massage will relax him and make him more attentive towards your needs too. How to drive a man crazy in bed? You will see the glowing love in his eyes within minutes. Pleasing your man should start with a massage — you may be very surprised What to do to him in bed the results plus this is among the more romantic things to do for your boyfriend in bed. Try it as sometimes what men want in bed is some closeness! Sexy lingerie How to make him want you in bed?

You want to make him happy in bed, right? Then start with sexy lingerie. It is not a secret that a woman in sexy lingerie will definitely be able to attract her man in bed. It is more than something sexual. It is about What to do to him in bed arousing and getting closer to each other. What turns men on is mystery, when they have to work for it and a lingerie is a great start. You will be amazed to see how attentive he will get while seeing you in a sexy dress. It is up to you if you want to take it to the next level or want to keep things to a certain limit.

Foreplay and cuddling in sexy lingerie are always good for emotional bonding. Wild intimate moments Soft intimate relationships are common and considered best by both men and women. However, there is no harm in getting a little rough or very kinky once in a while. What men want in bed is to see changes, some action and to feel thrilled. Tear off some clothes, What to do to him in bed wild and ride until his brains pop out of excitement.

It will not be a bad deal and the memory of that particular session will keep you both alive and close for quite some time. You can also tie each other up, have a role play session or even plan something kinky for special days. Dirty talk Dirty talking is among the things guys want to try What to do to him in bed bed.

Not liked by all men, but by most of them. Talking dirty while being intimate is enjoyed by most of the couples. Some may hesitate in the beginning, but on later stages when they are open to each other, dirty talking can actually sex up the things to another level. Let him know that you want him more, harder and closer.

Tell him to go deep and strong. Moan like a wild lady and show some aggressive moves as well. Tell him what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you! W hat do guys like to hear in bed? Here are some dirty sex talk ideas to help you out. Take control The missionary position is good, in fact, it is the most effective way to get pregnant, but how far is it correct to leave every intimate session completely at the mercy of the man? You should learn to take control as well.

Let me tell you a secret. If you take control once in a while or even more often, your man will love and respect you more. Well, the thing is men want to have a partner who knows what she is doing and how she should do it. It is not a healthy relationship if he has to do all the work and you just lie down all the time like a doll. Be human and take control over him. Show him you can be as strong as he can and ride wild.

Often what men want in bed is to try a new position. There are so many positions you can try and that too in so many angles. Some your bodies will allow to do and some may not.

It is very easy to figure out which positions you both can be in easily. Initiate a new position once in a while and surprise him with your dedication towards lovemaking.

Tell him how much his presence means to you and how desperately you want him close. Take control or let him take control of the position. Enjoy the moments and kiss passionately. Eat off the fudge! Take some fudge, ice cream, marshmallow, chocolate mousse or chocolate sauce, spread it on your partner and just eat it. It works both ways and the end result will be satisfactory and too alluring. Such fun acts bring you closer to your man and you both will feel comfortable around each other.

Let him feel you Not sure why, but some women shy away from allowing their partners to feel the curves. It is an What to do to him in bed part of the foreplay session and it gives the man feel of the ownership of your body. H ow to drive your boyfriend crazy? There is nothing unhealthy in it and when he feels you, the moans will automatically increase the erotic energy in the room.

The closeness and love making session will be much better and deeper. Just talk What men want in bed? There are many moments in life when you both just need to lie on the bed and talk. There are a lot of things that happen during the work hours.

Let him tell you all the frustrating things that have happened. Listen closely and try to calm him down. Let him be as emotional as he wants to be. Do not let him hold back or not talk to you. Get close and tell him that you are always there for him.

This will create an emotional bond between you two and the relationship will last longer than you can ever expect. Let him watch you get naughty This one is among the best sex tips how to drive him crazy. If you have the potential to do it in front of him, nothing is more arousing and more satisfying.

W hat men want in bed? Visual stimulations do wonders with men. They love when women are open and bold. Doing it right in front of him shows how much you trust him. If you really want him to go crazy for you, do not let him touch you or kiss you during the session. Just keep going and watch him go mad for you. Drop hints How to make love to a man and drive him crazy? The answer starts with another question: Drop hints in front of him in innovative ways.

Go and wet yourself in a sexy dress and stand in front of him while he is watching TV in bed for a few seconds.

At times girl wants to drive her man wild in the bedroom. Two-hand twist his shaft — and his reality. The next time you go down on your guy, twist your hands in opposite directions along his member. Not knowing his own name will make his animation very difficult. Remove his capacity to reason with mid-coital Kegels. Spice up any P-in-V across with a tight squeeze! Jail him in his own be bothered with a humming blowjob.

Humans have evolved to fear buzzing sounds, as they can betoken an earthquake, a cloud of insects, or an orgasm so intense it shatters your undecided into a million pieces. Stir louder and louder. You see, locked in? Guys hold a lot of tension in their large muscle groups. Do they still call it that?

Carefully insert a finger inside him until you feel a unimportant walnut-shaped knot, and stroke it back and forth until half his face permanently collapses into an emotionless shell.

Snap his sanity with butterfly kisses on his lower abdomen.

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What to do to him in bed

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  • Reductress » 8 Sex Moves to Drive Him Permanently Insane
  • Want to remind him why he's a lucky, lucky man? Here, the Try out these sexy mouth moves to give your guy an insane time in the bedroom. Then, to make him completely crazy, take the tip of his finger between your lips.
  • Make Him Lift You Up, Because You've Had a Hard Day by moving outside the bedroom and doing it on top of a sturdy table, kitchen counter. So take charge. Show him the moves you use to get yourself off when you're alone and let him in on the fantasy. He'll love the idea of his own.
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  • Many of the women I know like to be dominated in bed. And that doesn't mean just handcuffs and doggy-style; they just prefer him in charge. Bellow you'll learn the secrets to what men want in bed. You'll learn how to foreplay with your boyfriend to make him horny, how to make your.


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About ME: Only genuine men please. I love riding whether it be a horse a bike or a man hung like a horse lol. I'm very much attracted to personality so a person with character is always going to have an edge. Someone that can spoil me.

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Should I? I'm kind of afraid Many of the women I know like to be dominated in bed. And that doesn't mean just handcuffs and doggy-style; they just prefer him in charge. Bellow you'll learn the secrets to what men want in bed. You'll learn how to foreplay with your boyfriend to make him horny, how to make your..

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Many of the women I know like to be dominated in bed. And that doesn't mean just handcuffs and doggy-style; they just prefer him in charge. Bellow you'll learn the secrets to what men want in bed. You'll learn how to foreplay with your boyfriend to make him horny, how to make your. If you and your man are sexually active, then there are plenty of hot things that you can do to turn him on. Even though every guy is different, there are a few.

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