Results 1 – 10 of They used the Codebyte patching method to the drive and it works! I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the current driver, but that doesn’t. Plextor PX-WT firmware 1. In order to ensure the. Tomorow will be a great Toshiba day!!

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Both patched firmware are actually untested. Happy new year !!!!! Support DVD multi-border format.

LiteOn LTN-486 (48x) CD-ROM Firmware YH0X free download

Please stop sending boring Email about that. The best solution is to wait for a patched firmware. I received 2 e-mail yesterday with the same file at the same minute from 2 totally different people. Hoppefully a backup of the page was made here. Patched by Fekete Isvan.

LiteOn LTN not even with emulate weak sectors. Just make a look.

Fekete Istvan page is down. Using lifeon utility with 1. The firmware has been successfully patched by XVI. It is also is able to revert the drive to the Apple supported firmware, ktn case the drive has to be returned. It can be made region free with the Fekete Istvan patched firmware. Run to the new Fekete Istvan page http: This firmware is not RPC-1 but set the drive region to 0.


A add support for Windows Better than the previous one.

Ltn-4891s drivers download

.103 can now use these drives with CloneCD. This will avoid possible limitation of changing region code as many times as you wish – flash memory manufactures are reporting some limits of re-programming times some models have re-programming times reported. If you succeed to flash your drive, please let me know. I think the only way to make them changing position, is an economical pressure until they release a region free firmware RPC1like they do liheon.

Check the CD page for more details. New firmware for the Traxdata Pro 5. If you flashed the drive, we recommand you to go back to the original A firmware. The firmware has been tested it and he works OK.

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That depend of the DVD manufactuer and i don’t think they will make region free firmware available. Updated the CD-R page and corrected some dead link.


Lite On Ltns 48x. List of changes here. Firmware is the driver. These firmware are probably RPC2. I’m proud to announce you XVI is now working on the Toshiba drives. To date, 2 software were used successfully: A new version of the Hitachi region code resetter by Whacker is out! Please let know us if it works correctly.