If you put in on something unsteady, it might fall and be damaged; if you place it on a soft surface, such as a nig, sofa, or bed, the vents may be blocked, causing it to overheat. Move the left tractor to align the edge of the paper with the appropriate reference mark O , and push back the lock lever. Do not make any adjustments other than those outlined in the handbook, you might cause damage requiring extensive repair work. It is recommended for printing graphs and charts because it provides the most accurate control of the paper. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Make sure the printer is deselected SEL light off. Do not use an adapter to defeat the earthing.

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It is recommended that the printer be switched off prior to removing the access cover. Read Me First Do not use your printer near water, or spill liquid of any kind into it. Unpack the ribbon cartridge.

OKI ML3320eco [12/57] Connecting to your printer

Make sure the wire feed guide O is in the paper separator. To change the setting, see page epsno. Tear off any printed pages.


These are some of the things to look for: Move the paper lever to the position marked “TOP. Epsson the cable becomes damaged or frayed, replace it immediately.

Selecting A Printer Driver – Oki ML Help Manual [Page 14]

Turn the knob O in the direction of the arrow to take up any ribbon slack. Written and produced by the Documentation Department.

Odedrzyj wszystkie zadrukowane strony. Place the paper lever in the position marked “TOP.

OKI MLeco [12/57] Connecting to your printer

To ustawienie nie dotyczy kolejnych stron. Oki assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control. Move the left tractor ml3320/11 align the edge of the paper with the appropriate reference mark Oand push back the lock lever. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Loading Continuous Forms Rear Feed 2.

OKI ML3320 Help Manual: Selecting A Printer Driver

Do not put the printer on or near a heat source, such as a radiator or heat register. Use the single-sheet path for letterhead stationery, memos, and individual envelopes.

Every effort has been ml33201/ to ensure that the information in this document is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. The printer does not function normally when you are following the operating instructions. See ml3320/1 software documentation for information on how to select a printer driver. Replace the pull-up roller. Remove the pull-up roller, then lift the paper separator and remove the shipping retainer.


If your cable does not have an in-line filter, one has been supplied for you in your accessory pack.

Be sure to save it for future reference. We recommend the rear-feed path for printing reports, etc. To avoid damaging the power eoson, do not put anything on it or place it where it will be walked on. Press SEL to re-select the printer. First edition March Install the new ribbon cartridge. If anything happens that indicates that your printer is not working properly or has been damaged, unplug it immediately epsoj contact your dealer.

Place your printer on a firm, solid surface. Zamknij druciany protektor w szczelinie separatora papieru.