The interface isn’t super-attractive, but when it comes to managing a large music library, the program does an excellent job. We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won’t work. This has been asked and answered many times. November 21, , For some people, however, foobar will quickly become too complicated.

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If you’re looking for a tool to copy music between your Apple device and PC, PodTrans is a great choice. Useful if musicbe need to sync an Apple Device that MusicBee does not support. Not the touch specifically, but ipods in general. Latest beta patch 3. We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won’t work.

Your browser musicbse not support javascript or it is disabled. Its a long winded way around but here’s hoping someone more knowledgeable than me could write a plug in for MB to directly access an IOS device, there are many iPhone transfer programs that do it. If you need to auto-synchronize your device use device preferences in MusicBee.

And I would argue that if you go through the trouble of posting, you could search the forum first to see if your issue has already been discussed.

Check the wiki and search the forum. MusicBee is more than just a music player; it gives you the changes to better organize and manage your music collection.


October 16, We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won’t work. Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation ,usicbee e. Yes, you need another program to do it.

Like MusicBee, the program can muwicbee installed in the usual way, or as a portable app if you would like to move it from computer to computer with a USB drive. Clementine is another great replacement for iTunes.

No need to explain the issues with cr apple. This is why I am asking for help. You can use foobar to extend your music library thanks to support for CD ripping, and the range of supported playback formats is vast. BTW, almost every question one can ask can be found by searching, so why even have a questions forum?

MusicBee and iPhone/iPod/iPad

Setup device auto synchronization settings. November 21, Please use a browser with javascript or enable it. Track copy is automatically deleted if track is no longer contained in device media library. Unless mentioned by the Author, all add-ons and screenshots are licensed under cc by-sa 3.

It’s available for all operating systems, and is an excellent choice for musicbbee music. While musicbeee program might look like a blast from the past, it’s actually highly customizable and immensely powerful.


I use MusicBee for listening, better by far in many ways. I use 3utools to import that folder and sync it to the iPhone.

Clementine provides you with interesting information as musichee listen to your music collection, such as the lyrics to the current song, and statistics about how many times tracks have been played by other people on Last. Despite hating Apple’s lock muxicbee into their ecosystem policy I just use iTunes for syncing, by far the easiest way if you have Apple devices, especially phones as iTune’s fully backs it up at the same time.

We need javascript to function properly otherwise some things won’t work.

Wish musicbee could handle it so I could ditch using MediaMonkey at all, but it can’t so I can’t. I use Musicbee to my iPhone4: Steven, could you add the FAQ page not just the wiki home page to mb ‘help’ menu? In some instances you may have to pay to unlock some advanced features, but for the most part they’re completely free.